Mac Laptop to Powered Wheelchair Adaptation


    This website is the documented walk thought of enabling a Mac laptop utilizing the MagSafe  power connector to be powered from a batteries of a powered wheel chair.

    A little history is in order before we get started. In the mid 1990’s I was fortunate to meet a wonderful family in Nashville Tennessee. They were looking for someone who could teach their daughter Deon, basic Macintosh computer skills. What made this opportunity so unique was that Deon was home bound and spent much of her time in her powered wheel chair with a laptop computer mounted to it. Over the next few years I worked with Deon helping her with a variety of computer skills. What made this opportunity so amazing was Deon’s ability to adapt software to allow her to express herself through artistic design, web development and other creative outlets. Deon is a communicator and Instant Messenger and eMail gave her other avenues to communicate with her family and friends, many which were also home bound and students I also worked with.

    Deon is also very blessed to have loving family very dedicated to seeing her do so much with her life. Her mother Dale must have the patience of a saint to deal with a myriad of obstacles that come up in enabling Deon to live such an extraordinary life. Deon’s step Dad Jim, is an incredible man who I greatly respect for caring for this family in such a great way.

    In 1999 My family moved from Tennessee to Texas but by then I had come to realize that my talents were not my own anymore and have found many ways to utilize them in meeting the needs of others. Since that time I have had a handful of opportunities to go back and visit Deon and her family in Tennessee. We have worked through many computer and repair problems over the phone and kept her going through so many computers I have lost track. I can tell you, Deon is one of the most extrodoary persons I have ever met and I feel fortunate to call her and her family friends.

The blend of many worlds coming together

The procedures in this website have been summarized to keep it straight to the point. Please consult someone well versed in technical and electronics skills if you are trying to create a similar adaptor. It’s critical that special attention always be made when working with electricity.

This site is for reference only.

    Greg Paskal - Feb 2008